• ABC orders Killer Woman

    ABC orders Killer Woman

    Michael and Tricia Helfer back together in front of the camera! Tricia plays the main character in the pilot "Killer Woman". Michael plays her brother! The TV Show will air 2013/2014 on ABC Read more
  • Michael Trucco and Sandra Hess Fansite

    Michael Trucco and Sandra Hess Fansite

    Welcome on this fansite dedicated to actor Michael Trucco and his wife actress Sandra Hess! Follow: www.twitter.com/truccohessfan for single gallery updates Read more
  • Revenge


    Michael had a few guest appearances in the TV Show 'Revenge' Season 2. He played together with J. R. Bourne (www.jrbourne.net) which is one of his and Sandra's best friends in real life. Read more
  • Pensacola: Wings of Gold

    Pensacola: Wings of Gold

    Michael and Sandra met each other in the show "Pensacola". They worked together and Pensacola was a great show. During the next weeks you will find caps from Sandra in her gallery! Michael caps are still finished since last year! Read more
  • CSI: New York

    CSI: New York

    In "Who's There" Sandra had her last TV appearance in 2012! It was a great performance and we hope she will have the next project for 2013! Read more
  • All American Tooles

    All American Tooles

    A Film by David Melvin! By the short movie on iTunes and have fun! Read more
  • Sandra Hess and Michael Trucco 2009

    Sandra Hess and Michael Trucco 2009

    A switzer online magazine published a great article about Sandra's wedding. Sorry for all who can't speak/read german, the article is only in german. There is also a great video from a swiss news channel about their perfect day! The video is also in german and swiss-german http://www.srf.ch/player/tv/glanz--gloria/video/hochzeit-sandra-hess?id=a2f35e26-6751-43dc-b8b8-ba3bf1214c0b Read more
new project! Drone

Michael has a new project! When there are more news, I’ll let you know! It’s really funny for me because he films with Daniel Sharman who is most known from the TV Show Teen Wolf (and I love that show). So we will see what happens next Update: now we know, that the new project […]

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